Anybody that have been using a screwdriver with Torx, knows that you switch sizes a lot, and that it would be awesome to be able to quickly change between for an example Tx15, Tx20 and Tx25. A lot of Torx are already produced with a hole inside, so it is possible for them to have the proper strength, even though they aren’t solid.


This means that it should be possible to create a Torx with two other torx inside, that could slide out, depending on which size you need.


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3 Responses to Idea #232 – Combined Torx

  1. Jan H. Carlsen says:

    If at all possible to produce a durable bit set at reasonable price level here are my comments:

    Not a good idea for professional use when you tend to use just one size for specific projects Likewise for professional use you will end up changing an expensive bit set when just one size is worn out. What is the point of keeping bit sets if one or two bits are worn out on all of them.


    Great idea for the occasional/hobby user ensuring that you always have all the right bit sizes at hand.

  2. Dave says:

    How about instead of extending telescopically, it expands radially. Then there would be just a single set of teeth to wear out, and you wouldn’t need to try which size fits. Just insert into socket, twist (or some other action) to radially expand and lock in to the receptor.

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