Not long ago I was painting a room for my oldest kid, and as always I used a classic paint-roller, what an exellent tool… but cleaning it afterwards is no where near fun, one thing is that it takes time and makes a mess, it is really difficult getting the roll totally clean, so I tought of different solutions,ideas and concepts, for cleaning a paint roller, and my creativity came up with three different solutions to the same problem, and a 1000 ideas is a lot, so I deciced that they would get a post each :-)

Idea #72 – the cloth idea

Idea #73 – the tube idea

Idea #74 – the clam idea

Well, this is idea number 73 of a 1000 ideas, and its the cloth idea.

The concept is that the roll is pulled trough a tube or a cone, that is only just as wide that the paint roll will fit.

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