This idea already has a name, the  reason is that I just launched it as a crowdfundingproject at Ulele. The gameconcept is to win by either creating a black square or making it impossible for your opponent to lay down a brick.

The game consists of 28 cards in different variations that can be combined in unlimited combinations. The rule of the game is that you always have to connect a black piece to a black piece and your not allowed to connect a black to a white piece.

The porpuse of the game is to create a Black square or illiminate your opponents ability to continue playing. The game starts with the shuffeling of the 28 cards or bricks, and each player is delt 3 cards. Then you lay down one card at the time and draw a new one. If all the cards are played without anyone being able to create a square of making the opponent unable to lay down a card, the game is a draw.


You can support the production of the game here at Ulele, and for your support you get a copy of the game.

For the crowdfundingproject, Ive created the following video, which you also can see at

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