Passing the ball from one player to another is the ultimate basic of soccer, unless you’re the striker, a good striker never passes the ball, he scores :-) Anyway, my middle kid is playing soccer, and they practise a lot of different things to make them better dribbling, shooting, passing etc. so I came up with this, hopefully, funny way to play, have fun and practice passing the ball correctly at the same time.

With the following setup, players in groups of up to four can challenge each other and practice the art of passing a ball with precision, without hitting the opponents or other obstacles:


Player B picks a position, and player A, has to pass the ball to him. Then Player A picks a position and has to pass the ball back, and this without missing, hitting any of the cones or Player C and Ds ball, because they are doing the exact same. A variation is Player A playing with Player C, and Player B passing to Player D. This will also train passing a ball with a curve as well as a straight ball. It would be easy to expand the grid, and the challenge would just increase:


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